Why Do People Love The Internet?

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The Internet knocked people off of their feet when it was launched back in the years leading up to the millennium. Since then, it has grown to be the turning point in the history of the world, as it has allowed family members share their memories with one another even though they may be living on opposite sides of the globe.

Even though people really enjoy having the ability to communicate with their friends and family who are nowhere near them, some people like the amount of freedom that they are given when they are on social media and the Internet.

They are in love with the Internet because they can say whatever they want about whatever and whoever they want without worrying about someone getting revenge and getting them back. It’s really not because it connects them with the people who they were friends with in high school.

If you were to go on any popular website that allows you to write a comment, you will find at least one or two comments that have nothing to the with the actual topic of the article and many of them are extremely inconsiderate. It gets even more frustrating for people when you look at the screen names of the people who write those nasty comments because the majority of them won’t be actual names of people.

The sad thing is that people write things in the comments section that they wouldn’t even say out loud because it is so anonymous. For example, the people from high school write comments that reflect on the mistakes that they made.

People like to get people back for something that they did twenty years ago by telling the whole world about it.  Even though it may not be a big deal if strangers know what happened in high school, people don’t like when children know about the mistakes that they made in high school and college.

The Internet is a fan favorite because it allows people to say what they want about who and what they want.

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  1. D J.

    Absolutely right. Children should be aware of consequences and adults should stop acting like children !

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