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We all have something that can motivate us and bring happiness to our lives like nothing else can. Some of us find it when we are five, some of us find it when we are 25, and others of us find it when we are 55 and are considering retirement.

For me, the search for that thing barely existed.

Writing has always been one of my favorite things to do, but I became more passionate about it when I was in fourth grade and learned what it was all about. That passion pushed me as I spent much of my free time in middle school writing short stories and then emailing them to my aunt, who would critique them.

It was the beginning of winter and I was in eighth grade when I decided that I was serious about becoming a writer after I finish school. Everyday, I would come home from school and sit at the computer and write articles that were only getting read by me.

When school let out a few months later, I decided that it would be a good idea to open a blog, so I did. At first, I just wrote about sports, but, after people recommended that I get out of my comfort zone and become more versatile, I began to discuss a variety of topics in my articles.

Obviously, I really enjoy writing about sports, but, I have learned to love writing about anything and everything. In today’s world, there’s always something going on that is worth formulating an opinion and writing about.

The 2016 presidential campaign added to that and convinced me to expand my interests and begin writing about politics. After seeing headlines about it anywhere that I looked, I became interested in it and began to have my own opinions about it. Since then, I have been following the current events in the world of politics, so I can include articles about them.

Middle America and the 21st century version of the world can be very complicated. Some of my articles discuss today’s society and the different ways you can look at it. As is the case with some of the other categories, the topics of the articles included in these two sections are very diverse and cover a wide range of subjects

My disability opens up a whole different avenue for me and my writing. When I was just writing about sports, my family and one of my mentors, who has been a writer for multiple companies, suggested that I write more about my unique and interesting experiences and viewpoints as a person with disabilities living in today’s world

Even though I have expanded my blogging horizons over time, I still really like to write opinion articles about sports. I have always been a fanatic about the MLB, the NBA, and the NFL, which makes sharing my insights on them that much more enjoyable. On top of writing about professional sports, I really like writing about college sport

Other than writing about professional and college sports, which I greatly enjoy, I have supported Syracuse Development Academy (SDA) and United Soccer Alliance (USA) by including articles on the success of the organizations, their teams, and their players as individuals

Having a blog really helps me as I pursue my dreams of being a writer for ESPN or another big-name company. It forces me to produce quality work and articles on a consistent basis, something that will help improve my writing while I attend Syracuse university to study journalism at S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communication.





  1. Joey Pagano

    Joey Pagano, I too am Joey Pagano albeit I am 70 years old but I’m also in a power chair with MS. So Mr Pagano I live in De Witt. We should get together. Call me or email me directly. 415-247-6408

    Joey Pagano

  2. Thorley

    hey Joey it’s Professor Thorley from SummerStart– just wanted to say hi and let you know I passed on your blog link to a current student who suffers from ADHD and dreams of making a movie about it someday–thought your work would be inspirational to him! stay positive my friend, and all blessings!

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