What Do Doctors Have to Stop Doing?

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We all laugh when we see the Seinfeld episode where Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer pull into the handicap parking space with Frank Costanza’s car convinced that there is nobody who needs it and end up with a destroyed car, but, this is a serious problem that people experience on a regular basis.

Doctors give out the pass to the parking spot that is like a magnet to your eyeballs just like it is candy, which is just unfair to the people who need them.

Every time that someone has some type of injury, the doctors give them a handicap tag, which is pretty understandable to the people who just look at the near future, but, not to someone who looks years down the road.

When you receive an handicap sticker, you don’t have to renew it annually. Saying that, if someone is given a handicap tag because they had surgery, they are going to be able to use it in the years following the surgery. Plus, there are people who use the sticker that is supposed to be for their family member.

Let’s say that someone had surgery or had a family member who had surgery yesterday and the doctor gave them a sticker. That means that they could get away with going somewhere and parking in a handicap spot for the next few years.

There are people who just use the handicap parking space because they don’t feel like having to walk the extra ten feet. Even though that isn’t a problem most of the time, when it’s a problem, it is a big problem, especially when someone has a wheelchair accessible conversion van.

If you haven’t already noticed, all of the handicap parking spaces have a open space beside them where nobody can park. People need that because it provides a place where they can drop the wheelchair lift. Parking somewhere else in the parking lot would be taking a chance of somebody parking next to you, which would make impossible to drop the lift and get in the car.

When the handicap parking spaces are taken by the people who need them, it is understandable, but, when they are consumed by the people who have a handicap parking ticket just because of one temporary setback, it gets very frustrating to the people who really need them.

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  1. D J.

    Great job!

  2. Lisa

    Well said!!!!!!!!

  3. Lindsey

    I think you can get a handicap tag if you broke a toenail. It’s insane. Well said Joe!!!

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