What Makes Smart People Look Stupid?

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People get smarter as they get older.

Even though that is an advantage most of the time, there are some instances where that has the opposite impact on people and makes them look foolish. Just ask someone who has some kind of disability.

Sometimes, when someone with a disability goes out in a public setting, it is like they are showing a movie and the screen is attached to the disabled person’s body. Most of the people who think that the movie screen is attached to them are adults who know better.

A lot of times, when you go out in public places, you will overhear parents encouraging their children that it isn’t polite to stare at somebody, but, when it comes down to it, the children aren’t the ones who have to stop staring at those with disabilities, it’s the adults who have to stop.

When a little kid sees someone in a wheelchair, they examine the person and ask a question or two throughout their journey of trying to figure out what is going on, which, believe it or not, is so much more polite than what adults do. Anybody over the age of ten would rather just stare at the person like a deer in headlights.

Staring is any adult’s way of the telling you that they are afraid to ask a question. They are really confused when they stare, but, don’t know if and how they can ask the person with disabilities a question. People don’t realize that they are making themselves look unintelligent when they stare at a wheelchair like they have never seen one before.

A lot of the time, people with disabilities don’t have a problem talking about their experiences and situation with other people. They don’t get offended when children and even adults ask them questions about their experiences with the disability, however, they do get annoyed when adults stare at them and don’t even say anything to them.

Even though the idea that people get smarter as they get older is a good thing most of the time, there are some instances where it becomes a weapon.

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  1. D J.

    Lesson learned….If adults are SMART enough to accept this lesson…… otherwise they are STUPID and IGNORANT ! Love your eye opening honesty .

  2. george c

    kids are the best they have no filter, adults search for the perfect thing to say and after they come empty they say nothing at all

  3. Lindsey

    Well said Joe. Children are not afraid to ask, which I have seen over and over again. Out of the mouth of babes!!!

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