Why Curry Won’t Dethrone LeBron

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LeBron James is still the king and is better than Stephen Curry.

Here’s why :

LeBron is much more dynamic and is more of a threat than Curry is. Even though it doesn’t always look like it, at all times, the forward is always in a triple threat position. That’s what separates the two superstars.

With LBJ, defenders don’t know what to do because he continues to prove that he is a prolific passer. If you think about double teaming him and even take a step away from the man who you are guarding, he will find a way to see it and you are going to pay for it.

Curry hasn’t showed us that he has the ability to pass the ball like LeBron and I am not sure if he can. Because of his strength, James can either whip a basketball across the width of the basketball court to one of his teammates while being accurate or just drive to the hoop and get fouled.

Golden State’s guard might not have the strength to do that. If and when you are going to try to execute a cross-court pass, you better make sure that you whip and put some muscle into it or else it will be a layup on the other end.

As far as the ability to drive, it’s LeBron all the way. When he wants to dunk, he is going to throw it down with authority and then he is going to let opponents what just happened. He is so big physically that he will just make them get out of the way.

Defenders have a slightly higher chance of slowing Curry down because of the way that he plays the game. With him, it’s all about speed and not strength, which gives defensive players an easier matchup. Because he likes to do most of his damage from the outside, defenders don’t have to worry about getting pounded on the inside like they do with LBJ.

When you compare every aspect of their games, you realize that LeBron still has the edge in comparison to Curry.

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