Why Will Peyton Manning Be In The Hall of Fame Someday?

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The mood surrounding the world of sports and the Denver Broncos’ organization has been very somber ever since news broke out that Peyton Manning was ready to begin the next chapter of his life. Even though he is among the best at his craft, people throughout the NFL fanbase are going to remember him for the way that he carried himself on and off the field.

Manning was no Johnny Manziel making inappropriate gestures on the field in front of the whole country and he wasn’t Jameis Winston all over the Internet for stealing crab; he was a professional quarterback from day one, something that you don’t see anymore.

Even though his father was one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, Manning never acted as if his father paved the way for him and he was going to get a free ride because of it. He didn’t walk in and try to take the Colts over as soon as he walked into the training facility on the first day of training camp prior to his rookie season.

Instead, he looked around and decided that he was going to spend his career letting everything come to him rather than trying to force everything.

From that day, he was a professional quarterback in every way, shape, and form.

People think that it was strictly his production when he was on the field that made him as good as he was, but, it was his attitude towards fans and the media along with other players that brought him to the next level.

If you were part of the media and had a question for him, he was going to answer that question to the best of his ability and it didn’t matter if he had just won the Super Bowl or his team was just mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. You don’t see that anymore.

When he lost a Super Bowl, he continued to answer the media’s questions to the best of his ability, something that people take for for granted. Instead of ignoring them like Cam Newton did after the Panthers lost Super Bowl 50, he continued to be friendly and fulfilled the media’s requests and never took his frustrations out on the media.

Without a doubt, quarterback Peyton Manning is going to be in the hall of fame someday, but, it won’t really be because of his playmaking ability, but, it will be mainly because of his attitude towards his fans and the media.

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