How Well Do We Know OBJ?

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There is only one person who you know.

The person in the bathroom mirror. Not Tom Brady. Not Will Smith. Not even Odell Beckham Jr.

For some reason, people tend to think that everybody with a natural talent has the best attitude and personality in the world. As we saw with Odell Beckham Jr., that isn’t always the case.

Up until the game against the Panthers, we thought that he had it all. He could catch any football within an one hundred mile radius of his feet, which put him among the best receivers in the league. His touchdown celebrations have been entertaining to say the least. Still, his ongoing war with cornerback Josh Norman proved that we don’t know him.

Beckham’s career was smooth sailing until Norman came around and shut Beckham down in the first half of a very important regular season game, something that doesn’t happen very often. After that, the dominoes fell in order. Before we knew it, OBJ was frustrated and his head was out of the game.

When I saw the first scuffle between the two beasts, I just thought that it was just two men getting caught up in the moment, but, my thoughts changed when it was an ongoing struggle to keep them separated between plays.

Even though he was just caught up in the moment, Giants’ superstar just reminded everybody that you don’t know anybody but yourself. As we have seen with many of his fellow athletes, just because somebody made it to the mountaintop, they aren’t automatically good people.

When I saw OBJ react the way that he did when things weren’t going his way, I was absolutely shocked. We all know him as the superhero who makes all of the acrobatic catches for the Giants and not the person who goes to work everyday like the rest of us. Life proves time and time again that the only person who you truly know is yourself.

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