Game 4 Recap — Hornets Bounce Back, Earn Blowout Victory Over LaFayette

You are currently viewing Game 4 Recap — Hornets Bounce Back, Earn Blowout Victory Over LaFayette
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Dominant second and third quarters led to Fayetteville-Manlius’ 17-4 home victory over LaFayette.

F-M (3-1) was relentless in the two quarters, as they turned the 3-2 lead that they held at the end of the first quarter into the 15-4 advantage that they had heading into the fourth quarter.

Still, during every break in the game, Hornet head coach Chris Kenneally reminded his troops that he expects them to act as if the game is scoreless, but, told his team that the big lead could give them the opportunity to use the game as extra practice time.

That’s what they did. For the starters, it was just more time to experience the feel of a game that counts, and, for the younger guys who don’t get as much of an opportunity to display their talents and skill sets, it was time to shine.

Both groups did what they were supposed to do.

Juniors Kyle Gilroy and Chris Lubrino supported the Hornets and led the second group by giving the extra effort that paid off. The two midfielders contributed to F-M’s success, as Lubrino scored his first goal of the season and Gilroy had an assist.

And then the regulars did what they do best and just scored goals. Mac Fish and Donovan Welsh continued to be great assets for Kenneally and each had a eye-opening total of four goals.

Along with the four goals, Welsh had four assists, adding eight points to his season total, which is now 22. And then Fish dished out three assists, giving him seven points that he didn’t have heading into the contest.

Nick Papa, Teddy Wells, and Tommy Angelicola also put the Hornets on the scoreboard. Papa had a pair of goals while Wells and Angelicola scored a goal apiece.

A couple of Lukes gave their input as well. Luke Burnam recorded three points with a goal and two assists and then Luke Hamel collected a goal and an assist.

Hamel’s classmate, Brett Barlow, found an opening in the field and ran with it, which led to a goal for him and his teammates.

And a goal came Zak Van Valkenburg’s way. It was the first of the season for the face-off master and came just seconds after one of Welsh’s goals.

The win over LaFayette saw F-M get contributions from a variety of players, including some underclassmen who don’t always see the field.

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