Game 3 Recap — Infractions Play Factor in F-M’s Loss to West Genesee

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Penalties prevented Fayetteville-Manlius from gaining any traction and eventually led to their 11-8 away loss to their rival, West Genesee.

That’s the message that F-M’s head coach, Chris Kenneally, was delivering to his team when they circled up before heading to the bus.

The Hornets (2-1) committed five infractions throughout the night, four of which were for slashing.

But Kenneally eventually added that he was proud of how they “never quit.” He constantly reiterated that the better team didn’t come out with the victory. At the end of the meeting, he reminded his team that they still have another chance to beat them.

After the home team spent the first quarter building a 2-0 lead, F-M came out in the second quarter and found the back of the net. But the quarter ended up being one that they would like to forget.

They would end up getting outscored 6-2 in the quarter, which proved to put the game out of reach. Even though their resilience started to kick in when they took the field for the third quarter, it didn’t matter.

Kenneally referred to the third quarter spurt at the end of the game, saying that they “started to place shots” in the quarter and explained how that led to the success that they had and why that type of shot is so difficult for a goalie to save. He went on to state that it is best to aim right beside the goalie’s hips because it is nearly impossible for a goalie to save a shot like that.

The lack of ball movement also came up and was something that concerned the coaching staff. They thought that the ball was sticking too much, which was evident on the stat sheet after the game.

Assists weren’t abundant in this game for the Hornets. They recorded just three of the kind throughout the game courtesy of Donovan Welsh, Luke Burnam, and Ryan Cicci. Welsh also had three goals, raising his total for the season to nine.

Welsh and the Hornets have the chance to redeem themselves May 2nd, when they play them at home.

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