Should Student-Athletes Get Paid?

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Student-athletes should be getting paid.

People who don’t even have any relationship with the athletes but are getting paid because of them. Because college sports are so popular in the United States, many people like to have some kind of memorabilia of their favorite college team.

Fans know that, so, they just design multiple pieces of clothing and posters with the logo of a college team or a picture of a player and then turn around and sell it on the Internet.

How can you even think that it is right?

Put yourself in the situation of the parents of the student-athletes. You have a son or daughter who is one of the best players in the nation and everyone is buying the memorabilia with their name on it and so many people are getting paid for it, but, your daughter isn’t one of them.

Wouldn’t you get frustrated as a parent? You definitely would.

All of the work that you and your child put in through the years was just so that a stranger could get paid every time that they sell something with your child’s name on it.
As a college player, when companies have the right to produce and sell something with your name, you should have the right to claim ownership of that and receive a portion of the profit that the company makes from it.

Plus, because of the players, the college gets to make money from sporting events. No matter what you say, the men and women who you put on the court or field are the most important part of the team.
Even though the coaches are the people who are convincing the players to attend the college, they aren’t the ones who step on the court or field fifteen or twenty times a year and represent a whole school.

Saying that, I don’t understand why people think that it is okay that college coaches to get paid a boatload of money just to stand on the sideline and draw up a few plays. Players should receive a little money because they are the people who representing the school and their athletic program.

It is the same situation as it would be if you went to work one day and your boss went up to you and told you that they weren’t paying you anymore because you aren’t the one who tells everybody what to do.  

Wouldn’t you be frustrated if you were a college athlete and this was happening to you? You definitely would be. Why does everyone think that it is okay that college athletes work hard day in and day out and don’t get paid a penny? It’s not.

Despite the fact that many people strongly believe that it would be unfair to the other students if the students who played sports got paid, I think that we should allow colleges to pay their student-athletes.

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