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Category: Featured

What is it Like Maneuvering in Public For Me?

Navigating in public areas can be difficult to accomplish for somebody with disabilities, whether it’s because of the other people in the building or the structure itself.

The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 was designed to prevent discrimination against people with disabilities. It assured people with disabilities that they would have access to anything that non-disabled people can access. read more

Marquise Goodwin – More Than an Athlete

At the joint practice with the Cleveland Browns in 2015, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Marquise Goodwin converted a Browns fan into a Bills and a Goodwin fan for life.

My brothers and I have always followed the NFL, but, we never have been in love with one team… until that summer. A few weeks before school started, we went to the Bills training camp just for something to do, not knowing that it would be a memory that would last a lifetime. read more