What is the Number One Problem in the United States?

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The American government is too unselfish and is hurting their own people because of it.  The star spangled banner represents a country that has a boatload of money that other countries would die for.

Even though America has a lot of money, the government tends to misuse it, which causes internal problems.

It all started long before any of us were brought here, when the United States indicated that they would spend money on any foreign affair, as they joined World War I. More recently, they showed that they would put money into more foreign affairs that they had no business joining as they sent troops to Afghanistan in 2001 and then again when they joined the war in Iraq in 2003.

Getting involved in those two wars only showed the people that the United States would rather help foreign countries than support their own people. Unfortunately, people throughout the country are still feeling the impacts of these wars on a daily basis.

According to The Washington Post, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq combined to cost the United States over $4 trillion, which is way too much money spent on something that Americans aren’t benefiting from.

When the government was dumping money into the wars that the United States shouldn’t have even been involved in, some of their own people were at home struggling to live and provide for their families and that is still the case.

The struggles that the public schools in Detroit have been experiencing are prime examples of the results of the wars. Receiving something as simple as fresh and clean water has been a struggle for them and the United States was having trouble finding money to fix the problem and support Americans because of the millions of dollars spent in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To put all of this into perspective, the United States and their government is spending money on wars that we shouldn’t be involved in instead of using the same money to help improve the quality of life for their own people.

As a result of Uncle Sam’s involvement in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the United States is struggling to find enough money to support Americans who are in Detroit and the other areas that are struggling economically. Uncle Sam has to become more selfish and focus on supporting and providing for its own people instead of being the one who is always helping other countries by sending men overseas.

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  1. Jason Dudzinski

    Got money for WAR but can’t feed the POOR

  2. Lisa

    Wow, impressive! But what about all of the programs Uncle Sam does provide?The programs that are squeezing the Middle Class into extinction. It is frustrating to watch.

  3. D J.

    Kudos Jason !! Again you nailed it Joe. Wake Up America ! Scary part is…..what will the future hold after the elections.

  4. Lindsey

    Great blog Joe. One of the biggest problems I see is the multiplied billions of dollars spent on people who do not want to work, but be supported by government handouts on the federal and state level. There are those we should support to help get back on there feet, and that is the reason that system was set up.

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