Humans are Very Similar, but Very Different

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Preconceived notions about people are the worst thing on the planet and the problem is that the world is full of them.

And they can be misrepresentative of people. But we continue to send the younger generation the wrong message about the notions instead of teaching and informing them about the idea and that they shouldn’t buy into them.

We seem to have this idea that tells us that every person is run through a cookie-cutter when they are born and anybody who missed the opportunity to go through the cookie-cutter doesn’t belong.

Well, first of all, that idea is outdated and shouldn’t have ever been a discussion, and, second of all, there is one very important idea that will wash this away from everybody’s noggin.

It’s the idea that we are the same as one another, but, we are also very different from one another and are individuals.

We have to remember that and it starts with accepting that we are not perfect and all have something “abnormal” about us. The visibility of our imperfections dictate how society looks at us.

But we all want to be looked at as people.

Some of us have things that we can’t control and are disadvantaged because of them. On a daily basis, people with disabilities go into every new relationship having to prove themselves when all they want is to be looked at like everyone else.

The situation is the same for everyone else. Everybody goes into new relationships having to prove themselves in one way or another, but, they don’t have to work as hard at it as people with disabilities do.

When it comes down to it, even though we are the same in a variety of ways, people are extremely different from one another.

No one human being is the same as another one. Whether it’s skin color, religious beliefs, or interests, we are all unique in our own way. And it’s easy to judge somebody by what they look like, but, that’s not the way to go about life.

More people have to give others the benefit of the doubt. We have to remember that people are mostly good but have the potential to allow their emotions to take over and make them lose control of their mind.

And it’s okay to disagree with someone, as long as you can handle it in the right manner. Humans have to remind themselves that disagreements over anything aren’t worth a good relationship. People have different views than the person next them.

But even before we get to the point of sharing viewpoints and having a conversation, we tend to judge people. That can’t happen.

Preconceived notions are something that have to be taken out of our society because nothing good comes of them.

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