Was Goose Gossage’s Rant Reasonable?

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Some people have to learn to live in the moment and not the past.

Former Yankee and baseball legend Goose Gossage is one of those people, especially when it comes to accepting and adapting to the new style of baseball. In a conversation with ESPN’s Andrew Marchand, he was calling Jose Bautista a “disgrace to the game” and saying that players like him are “nerds”.

Even though many of the older generation of baseball fans would tend to agree with him, this is something that he has to let go of because it’s not that big of a deal and it probably won’t change.

Because he was a relief pitcher, he never got the opportunity to hit the game-winning and series-clinching home run. When he went in the game with the bases loaded and nobody out  got out of it without giving up a run, it wasn’t as surprising as when Bautista flung that ball out of the park because that was what people were expecting out of him.

Besides, if he was attacking both pitchers and hitters like his defendants are claiming, why wouldn’t he bring up Fernando Rodney’s arrow that we have to see every time that we see every single time that he nails down a game for his team?

It’s the same thing and maybe even worse because he is reminding the opponents that he just struck out the side to end the game.

He is just frustrated over the new style of baseball and that the pitchers can’t do anything about it because of the fear of getting a fine or even a suspension. Gossage wants baseball to be the game that it always was in that, if your opponent does something that you don’t like, you do something that they don’t like without worrying about getting suspended.

Unfortunately for him, it isn’t anything like that anymore and it seems that it isn’t going to change anytime in the foreseeable future.

Some people, like Goose Gossage, have to learn to live in the moment and not the past.

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