How Do You Overcome Life’s Biggest Challenges?

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Hard work and passion will carry you to wherever you want to go in life.

People with disabilities are one of the only groups of people who really understand that concept and that you have the ability to dictate how you live your life. They realize that your life is based on your actions and your willingness to be passionate and work hard for something.

Having a “disability” doesn’t mean that you don’t have the ability to be an “everyday” person; it just means that you have to be passionate and work a little harder than everyone else to find your place in the world.

Even though that can be frustrating from time to time, people with disabilities try to find a way to feed off of that. They try to remind themselves that they can do anything they want to do with just a little hard work and passion.

When you are disabled, you are up against the odds, your own body, and anyone who doesn’t believe in you, which, by the way, is a lot of people. That’s when you really have to be passionate and work hard to what you want to do.

Instead of getting upset scattered over the idea that people don’t believe in them, people with disabilities have to show passion. The passion also helps them to remind themselves that they have to ignore the negativity of others and instead have to find a way to allow it to make them work harder.

Their passion and desire to work hard will not allow disabled people take a day off.  In order to be them to accomplish their ultimate goal and get rid of the stereotypes, which will be hard to get rid of, they have to prove that the disability is just a tiny part of them. To do that, they have to allow passion to take over and work hard to prove themselves day in and day out.

Disabled people also physically work harder than the “everyday” person. They are constantly fighting against their own muscles and use energy doing something as simple as talking. As annoying as that can be, it is something else that they overcome with hard work and their passion towards life.

People with disabilities have a lot of passion and want to erase all of the negative stereotypes about them, which pushes them to work harder than people who aren’t disabled.

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  1. David Sherline

    Great post Joey. I give you a lot of credit and definitely believe in you. Hope to see you soon.


  2. Lindsey

    I would say Joe, you are one of the most passionate people I know. You not only set an example for people with disabilities, but for all of us.

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