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Category: Disability Insights

A Level Playing Field: Questions of What and How Facing the Disability Community

There’s one question that has taken the world and disability community by storm: What is equality?

Some activists are concerned with the lack of accessibility in older buildings that have been modified to comply with regulations, find the flaws of that system, and complain about how the architecture of buildings “promotes discrimination,” but speaking from experience, the focus should be on the social side of things. read more

No Matter what it Looks like, I’m no Different than my Peers

It’s one thing to know that I’m just like you, but it’s another thing to look at me like I am.

When I look in the mirror or at somebody else in a wheelchair, the first thing that I see is the object that gets us around. It’s natural. But I don’t stop searching just because I found a pair of “legs.” read more

It’s Important to Change the Reputation of Disabled People … Here’s Why :

Wheelchairs are like cars. They are meant to help people get from place to place.

But they also are very different than cars. They don’t tell you anything about the people who rely on them to get around.

Those two ideas are the things that contribute the most to the balance between perception and reality when it comes to people in wheelchairs. read more

Leadership — An Option For Some, A Must-Have For Others

Leadership is a great skill to develop throughout life. We all have the ability to be leaders, but, some of us take the more convenient route, follow friends around, do what they do, and never give ourselves the opportunity to be our own person.

Having a disability forces me and others with disabilities to find the leadership skills that we possess because we have to guide ourselves and the people around us through some of the difficulties that we face. read more

What Has My Disability Taught Me About Expectations?

Life requires us to draw certain lines that are thinner than a piece of paper.

One of the thinnest lines that we will have to draw separates realistic and unrealistic expectations, a line whose location depends on who is in the mirror.

It’s up to me and you to decide where to draw that line in our own lives. Some of us have trouble accepting that the line isn’t where we had hoped for ourselves or somebody significant in our lives and others of us are okay with it and work around the line. read more

How Do You Overcome Life’s Biggest Challenges?

Hard work and passion will carry you to wherever you want to go in life.

People with disabilities are one of the only groups of people who really understand that concept and that you have the ability to dictate how you live your life. They realize that your life is based on your actions and your willingness to be passionate and work hard for something. read more

What Do Disabled People Learn About Excuses?

Excuses will always be there for you. Whether you are debating about taking your dog for a walk or contemplating on studying for an exam, millions of excuses are going to swirl through your head and wait for you to use them.

That’s what separates the good from the great — the ability to overcome the conflict of avoiding the excuses even though using them would be the easiest thing to do.   read more