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Category: World Issues

What is Pop Culture Evolving Into? 

What has been known for comedy and entertainment has begun to turn the tides and is breaking through in its attempt to mix the real world issues in with the comedy side of things.

Pop culture is turning the tides on its reputation as a form of relaxation and is trying to recognize and draw attention to the flaws in society that people just accept. Aside from the stereotypical comedies, there hasn’t been a show that does just that… until now. read more

What Can Americans Learn From A-Rod’s Career?


That’s what Alex Rodriguez has brought with him anytime that he has moved a muscle. Even though he has had a number of ups and downs throughout his career, that seven-letter word has helped him get through the tough times.

Throughout his career, it has drove and pushed him to be the best player and person he can be, which is obvious to somebody who just watches him take batting practice. His work ethic is what pushed him to become better each and every day, on and off the field. read more

Which Celebrity is the Best Role Model For Children?

There are certain celebrities who are always doing something that damages their reputation and possibly their legacy and then there are some who just set good example after good example for the younger generation.

As a parent, you hope that your child chooses to admire one who is, not only good at what they are famous for, but is also a good person. NBA superstar LeBron James is one of the only ones who has both of those qualities. He has the qualities that every parent wants their child to have. read more

How is Youth Soccer More Than a Sport?

Throughout the United States, youth soccer really helps parents as they guide their children into adulthood.

Depending on the way that you look at it, youth soccer in America is either absolutely out of control or something that is beneficial to the younger generation. The most controversial debate when it comes to youth soccer is whether traveling here, there, and everywhere is worth all of the time and money. read more

Why Are People Unhappy?

Have you ever been to a restaurant with your friend and became frustrated with yourself after seeing what your friend ordered?

We all have been there, but, it isn’t a place where anybody likes to be. Unfortunately, it is a part of human nature to always look over to the other side of the fence. Because of that, people have become generally unhappy and have learned to always be frustrated with something in their life. read more

How and Why is the Middle Class Getting Punished?

The middle class of the United States is going through some tough times that are brought by their fellow Americans.

Both the upper and lower classes of the United States are really causing economic trouble and hardships for the middle class.

Let’s begin with the Americans of the upper class. Because many of them can have whatever they want, some of them take advantage of the opportunity and go out and buy the things that they desire without looking at how much it costs or even the consequences that may arise as a result of the purchase. read more

Are The Biggest Countries Hurting Everyone Else?

We are watching some of the biggest countries in the world crumble because of one thing that none of them can control.


Some people, especially Americans, are influenced by the media and tend to believe anything that they see, hear, or read. That has been a huge factor in the past year or so in, not only the United States, but, in any other country. read more