What, Exactly, is Normal?

If you think that it’s normal, then it’s normal.

Normal is a very weak word. Normal is in the dictionary with a definition just so it fits in with the other combinations of letters. Normal means whatever you want it to mean.

People have been trained to turn to the phrase, “that’s not normal,” when they come to something that they don’t agree with or something that they wouldn’t do, but that’s not the right way to approach things. read more

Money Should Be Earned, Not Given

Every single person in this world is created equal and should be treated that way. I truly believe that.

But there’s a catch. And it has everything to do with the green silk with the most influential people on it.

Money is something that should be earned. If you have the ability to live on your own, you have the ability to do something that will earn and invite money into your life. You shouldn’t be waiting for a check to come in the mailbox. read more

The Real Battle in High School Sports — Parents vs. Coaches

America has evolved into a country full of people who love when they are given a compliment and hate when they are told that they aren’t doing something right.

The same thing goes for parents. A number of people who have children think that their children are perfect, but, nobody is. It doesn’t matter if you are LeBron James or the fourth-string quarterback on your high school team, you are not perfect. read more

New American President, New American Mindset — How The World Is Changed

Donald Trump wants the United States to be as independent as possible and is looking to allow the country to avoid trade whenever it can.

When Trump wrote a letter about his plans for the first hundred days of his presidency, he brought up the idea of withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which encourages free trade among Canada, Mexico, and the United States, and, even if the United States doesn’t leave the agreement, they should try to negotiate it. read more

How Have Americans Been Negatively Impacted By The Internet?

We live in a world and a country that is worsening when it comes to the patience of people, especially children.

America has evolved into a country that has resources like the Internet readily available for anyone to use. Throughout its lifetime, the Internet has been through so many phases and has become something that people rely on every second of the day. read more

What is Pop Culture Evolving Into? 

What has been known for comedy and entertainment has begun to turn the tides and is breaking through in its attempt to mix the real world issues in with the comedy side of things.

Pop culture is turning the tides on its reputation as a form of relaxation and is trying to recognize and draw attention to the flaws in society that people just accept. Aside from the stereotypical comedies, there hasn’t been a show that does just that… until now. read more

What Can Americans Learn From A-Rod’s Career?


That’s what Alex Rodriguez has brought with him anytime that he has moved a muscle. Even though he has had a number of ups and downs throughout his career, that seven-letter word has helped him get through the tough times.

Throughout his career, it has drove and pushed him to be the best player and person he can be, which is obvious to somebody who just watches him take batting practice. His work ethic is what pushed him to become better each and every day, on and off the field. read more