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Category: The Positivity Project

Love: A Crucial Part of Our Lives

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Every February, we go out and purchase heart-shaped chocolates and bake heart-shaped cookies to represent our love for certain people.

But all that matters about those chocolates and candies is their shape. We can cut out a piece of paper in the shape of a heart and it would carry the same loving message. read more

Thinking With Our Hearts: Is it Possible and What Does it Mean?

This article is also available on The Positivity Project’s website.

Some would say our hearts keep us alive, but I will always argue that they keep us living.

Using our hearts to think doesn’t leave us asking “what if” questions. It convinces us to be hopeful. However, thinking with our brains leads us to ask questions like: “What if I fail?” “What if this doesn’t work out?” “What if I regret this in a day, a month, a year?” read more

Perseverance: How to Push Through the Tough Times and Get to the Great Ones


This article is also available on The Positivity Project’s website.

The feeling of tears rushing down your face is among the worst sensations we experience, but it sets up some of the greatest moments of our lives.

When the tears stream down our faces, we either throw in the towel and move on or we push ourselves to keep going despite the initial failure. Suddenly, our character is tested and we have to decide which road we want to go down.  read more

Optimistic Mindsets: What Feeds us During Positive Moments and Pushes us Through Negative Ones

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I can fail to accomplish a goal 100 times, but I won’t hesitate to take the 101st swing. I will continue to follow the pattern of watching my efforts fall short, slightly improving my approach each successive attempt, and repeatedly starting my next iteration by telling myself, “things are going to work out this time.” read more

Teamwork, Brotherhood, and Lasting Memories of F-M Football

This article is also available on The Positivity Project’s website.

In football, if one guy isn’t all in, nobody succeeds. Every other guy may be fulfilling their role, but it doesn’t matter. Whether you are the star quarterback or on the sideline, farthest from midfield, you have a responsibility to your team and owe it respect. read more

Making a Difference — Potential is There, but is Desire?

When you think of those who have made a difference and changed the world, you probably think of Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, and there’s really no reason not to bring them up in this conversation.

But the misconception that surrounds that idea comes into play when potential is brought up. King and Parks aren’t special because they had the ability to change society — they’re special because they chose to change the way that people treated others. read more