As you may have learned when you read in the description on the front page, my interest in journalism started when I was still in middle school and I was only focused on things that revolve around sports, specifically the NBA and the NFL. Over time, I have become more universal and have learned to enjoy writing about things other than sports. However, I have expanded my sports section as well. Along with writing about the NBA and the NFL, I write about the MLB and NCAA sports.

I, most frequently, cover amateur sports teams. People at my high school have teamed up with my family members to help me take advantage of my talents and abilities by providing me with the opportunity to be a reporter for their athletic programs. Local youth soccer programs have done the same. The Syracuse Development Academy (SDA) and the United Soccer Alliance (USA) have given me the chance to be a reporter and write about milestones that their teams have reached.

Below are the links to the sports categories that contain those articles.

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