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Category: NCAA

Why Should The Carrier Dome Stick Around?

The renovation of the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, New York is something that has to be a priority for the people of Upstate New York in the upcoming years, as it has gone downhill in the recent years.

For the average fan of Syracuse University athletics, there is no doubt about it- a dome that gives fans the option to go to games and sit in seats with cushions and cup holders would make everybody happier would be worth every penny in somebody’s bank account… as long as it isn’t their savings account. read more

Should The College Football Playoff Be Expanded?

We have only gotten a little taste of the college football playoff and people are already contemplating about whether or not the committee should expand the playoff to six teams.

When they announced that there was going to be a four team playoff, people thought that it was the best decision ever. However, now that fans have adapted to it, many are realizing that there are problems that come with it. read more