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Category: 2016 Campaign Trail

Is It Possible to Take Donald Trump Seriously? 

Donald Trump constantly gets in his own way and makes it hard for Americans to take him seriously.

It starts even before he takes the debate stage and walks up to the podium and the microphone. Whenever he takes the stage, he tries to make it seem like viewers are watching the television show, The Apprentice, by walking out with the lights off and linking arms with his wife. read more

What Would Another Democratic President Do To America?

A democrat has been the president of the powerhouse of the world for the past few years, which has been satisfying to some, but, disappointing to others. People believe that another epresident who is for the welfare of society would be great for America and the rest of the world, but, it would really stab us in the back just like it did in 2008. read more

What Donald Trump is Doing To America

Every time that Donald Trump steps up to the podium, American society gets hit with yet another haymaker.  He continuously does the exact opposite of what many American parents teach their children…

And, even better, he does it in the middle of a presidential debate when he knows that everybody is watching him. He’s doing it for attention, the same reason why a little kid throws a temper tantrum. read more

Trump is Smart… In a Different Way

Donald Trump is the smartest idiot in the world.

First of all, he isn’t the typical presidential candidate who is a very professional senator. He is none of that. He just says all of the things that everybody thinks. No matter who you are, he couldn’t care less about what you have to say about him and he is really good at convincing you to pay attention and listen to what he has to say. read more