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Donald Trump is President … It’s Time to Accept it

I don’t know what I think of the president of the United States. I just know that he will be on Pennsylvania Avenue until, at least, 2021.

I also know that some of the members of the media portray him as the worst man to walk on the planet. Trust me, he isn’t. He just likes to stand up for what he believes in.

The inauguration of President Donald Trump has seen the American population divide and turn against itself. Some have gone to the biggest cities in the country to protest, some have gone into shutdown mode, and others have shared their strong opinions on social media.

No matter how you feel, Barack Obama is never going to live in the White House again. So you better accept that there is change and that we have to refer to the former businessman as President Trump.

In 2009, there were people who were upset that Obama was president, but, you just didn’t hear about it every time you turned on the television or went on the Internet. It’s the same thing with Trump. You are just hearing about it a lot more from the media.

The people who were against the election of Obama found a way to allow life to go on, which is something that the anti-Trump Americans have to do. Even though you may not agree with what your president does, you still have to have some sense of nationalism.

If you ask me, the alarming things that Trump was saying throughout his campaign were a part of a routine that was pure gamesmanship. The things that he was saying about women don’t reflect what he thinks of the opposite gender.

Think about it. He has been married. He has a daughter. He has a mother. How doesn’t he have respect for women? It doesn’t make sense. All of that was gamesmanship.

And then people try to say that he is dividing the country. He’s not. The people are.

He wasn’t even officially the Republican nominee and people were showing up to his rallies and protesting and attempting to draw attention. Now, it’s even worse because he is the president and there’s nobody to support except for him.

When he was getting inaugurated, there were people who were there just to protest, which is their right, but, most of the time, it just causes friction and sometimes starts conflicts.

The constitution of the United States reminds us that we have to be committed and believe in President Trump for the foreseeable future.

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