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New American President, New American Mindset — How The World Is Changed

Donald Trump wants the United States to be as independent as possible and is looking to allow the country to avoid trade whenever it can.

When Trump wrote a letter about his plans for the first hundred days of his presidency, he brought up the idea of withdrawing from the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which encourages free trade among Canada, Mexico, and the United States, and, even if the United States doesn’t leave the agreement, they should try to negotiate it.

Before the election, Trump repeatedly said that he considers this trade agreement to be one of the worst trade deals ever. The media attempted to convince Americans that those statements were just part of Trump’s gamesmanship and that he was trying to discourage voters from favoring Hilary Clinton, who was involved in the passing of the deal.

Obviously, he’s not and really does want to act upon it when he gets the opportunity to.

According to Jethro Mullen of CNN Money, “experts say tearing up NAFTA would be hugely disruptive for all three economies, and it’s unclear what the U.S. would gain.”

But, throughout the campaign season, it was clear that Trump wants to eliminate the involvement of foreign countries with the American society. Plus, relations among these three countries are going to diminish and may become heated when Trump goes to put a wall on the southern border of the United States.

Mullen also included the idea that countries involved in NAFTA don’t stand alone in the trading aspect of the United States and stated that Trump has an eye on the world’s second largest economy in China.

China, an economy that has been known to receive a few insults at a time from Trump, may have a reason to begin a trade war after the Republican follows through with the tariff that will be placed on the importation of Chinese goods, Mullen added.

Trading is just like anything else in life — the less reliant and the more independent that a country can be, the better off they are. The United States is going to have to continue to go elsewhere for certain things, but, there are other things that can come from within the borders.

The way I see it, the United States is better off if Trump finds a way to separate from the other countries and make America’s trade relations vanish.

Plus, with trading, you have to worry about the “I scratched your back, now you scratch mine” thought process. Countries often make trades that seem peaceful at the time, but, after ten years, when one of the countries need something, they bring it up and say that they are owed something.

The United States would be better off if they stayed independent whenever they could, something that Trump is emphasizing.

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