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Is It Possible to Take Donald Trump Seriously? 

Donald Trump constantly gets in his own way and makes it hard for Americans to take him seriously.

It starts even before he takes the debate stage and walks up to the podium and the microphone. Whenever he takes the stage, he tries to make it seem like viewers are watching the television show, The Apprentice, by walking out with the lights off and linking arms with his wife.

He even puts a show on at his rallies. Even aside from the bullying, he doesn’t carry himself like a presidential candidate should. Trump stands on the stage in front of supporters wearing a baseball cap that promotes his campaign, something that Barack Obama would get torn apart for.

From there, he makes it even harder for people to look at him like a president.

In order to be in a position with a lot of responsibility, you really have to be focused, which is one of Trump’s weaknesses. It is difficult to believe in him when he tries to avoid talking about the things he will do to help America and instead calls Hillary Clinton names.

As childish as he looks when he taunts Clinton, Trump comes across even more immature when he tries to talk about what America will be like under his wing. He makes it seem like he has the answers to the problems in the United States when we know he doesn’t.

His solutions and viewpoints on illegal immigration and the lack of jobs in the the United States really put the cherry on the cake. Trump claims that he will build a wall to keep the “bad guys” from Mexico out and make the Mexican government pay for it.

How does he expect Americans to believe that? For one, there is no way that he will ever convince Mexico to pay for a wall that will work as a barrier to keep them out of the country that provides jobs for their people and then Mexico knows that the American government gives money out like it’s candy, so, they wouldn’t give money to a wealthy nation under any circumstance.

The other thing is that there is no way to differentiate the “good guys” from the “bad guys” without stereotyping. Not all Americans are good. Not all Mexicans and Muslims are bad. Stereotypes will allow you to believe what you want to believe, which is what Trump’s buying into.

Donald Trump’s unprofessional mindset and unrealistic objectives and plans for the United States really make it difficult for Americans to take him seriously and look at him like their president. 


  1. Gina

    I agree with your comments. This is going to be a very hard election since both candidates leave something to be desired. I wish Paul Ryan would have run.

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