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How Safe is the Future of America?

A country’s people can only carry it so far. Even in a government that is run “by the people” like the one in the United States, you need a leader who the people can trust to fulfill their needs.    

That’s where the United States is in trouble. The presidential campaign has been a rat race and Americans will pay the price.

It has come down to what people throughout the country were expecting; Donald Trump as the Republican candidate and Hillary Clinton as the representative of the Democrats.

Can Americans trust either of these candidates to lead their country?

With Trump, America will just run out of money aside from the conflict that will arise. If he manages to remove the illegal immigrants, he is going to have to deal with a divided country full of conflict.

Trouble will start when he tries to remove immigrants and those of certain religions. That will be the beginning of conflict with Mexico, which will get worse when he tries to build a wall and make them pay for it. The United States will become even more divided when he attempts to violate the Constitution by making the push to ban people of certain religions.

The Democratic candidate, Hilary Clinton, also has people who don’t believe in or agree with her and will have to deal with being in the middle of conflict. Even though she has experience in the White House, her past leaves question when it comes to her trustworthiness and leadership skills.

When her husband was in the White House, she was in the middle of many of the conflicts and started a lot of trouble, which is a reason to question whether she has what it takes to be the head of the country. If she was sneaking around when her husband was the president and in charge of the United States, she is going to be even more sneaky when she has the reigns.

Because of the fact that the people can only take the United States to a certain point, Americans have to have trust in their president, something that will be missing when they have either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton as president.

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