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Why Do People Favor Donald Trump?

Donald Trump has divided the United States into two groups with his actions. One that loves him and another that hates him and believes that he is going to ruin the country. Neither of the groups understand the other one, which is leading people to ask the question that has lingered since the beginning of the campaign.

How can you honestly say that you favor the candidate with no experience from a political standpoint?

It’s really easy to get caught up in that group of people, something that some people have done. Donald Trump and his attitude have convinced people to do just that.

The businessman has a lot of great ideas and very good intentions. Even though people like to have fun mocking the “Make America Great Again” motto, Trump knows what the United States needs and wants to fulfill those needs, but, he really doesn’t know how to fulfill them and goes overboard when he says how he’s going to give America what it needs.

Some of the other candidates who have been involved in the political world for a long time  don’t have a clear understanding of what the country lacks.  Even though Trump has more money than the “average” American, he still has a better understanding of American society as a whole than the candidates who have been in politics.

Americans want change and Trump would provide that. It has been obvious that he doesn’t worry about whether something is “politically correct”. He won’t hesitate to try something just because he doesn’t think that it will be popular among the people.

The businessman doesn’t wear an invisible costume and become a new person when he steps into the spotlight like the other candidates do.  He just has one voice — the voice that people hear during his campaign and read on the Internet is the same voice that his friends and family hear.   

Even though people don’t realize it, agreeing with the candidate who doesn’t have any experience in the world of politics is easier than you think.

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