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Why Is It Hard to Decide Who to Vote For?

Presidential candidates from both the Republican and Democratic party are making it hard for the voters to decide which candidate they are supporting. Immaturity seems to be the theme for the Republican party and the idea of sameness is common for the Democrats.

The behavior of Republican candidates Ted Cruz and Donald Trump has turned people away since the beginning of the campaign.

Because of the amount of immaturity that arises anytime they step on the stage together, debates for the Republican party have evolved into a form of entertainment and people really don’t have the opportunity to hear things that may swing them one way or the other, which leads to the the lack of confidence that people have in the candidates.

As soon as you begin to change your mind and convince yourself that one of them is the answer, they remind you why you doubted them the first place by attacking someone important.

If they are attacking their opponents now, chances are that they believe that their opinion is the only one that matters and are going to cause commotion if they get voted into office, something that can’t happen.

The United States isn’t set up like that. The president can’t just spend his personal money or the government’s money on the things that he wants to get done.

The problem is that, if you don’t like any of the Republican candidates, the only other option is to vote for one of the Democratic presidential candidates. That is hard to do because they are so similar.

Both Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders want to help Americans in any way that they can,which is one of the things that makes them so similar. Unlike with the Republicans where there are diverse views, there are a few staples when it comes to the views of the Democrats.

Education is among those.

They both believe that education beyond high school should be affordable in one way or another. Clinton believes that everyone should be able to go to college for a low price, but, Sanders believes that college should be completely free for everyone.

Some voters are in a pickle because they disagree with the views of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, but, they are afraid to see what Donald Trump or Ted Cruz will do to the country.


  1. Gina

    I have to say that what you say is true. It is hard to know who the right candidate is with all of the trivial non-sense that is going on. Just when you think you know, something new happens…..

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