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What Would Another Democratic President Do To America?

A democrat has been the president of the powerhouse of the world for the past few years, which has been satisfying to some, but, disappointing to others. People believe that another epresident who is for the welfare of society would be great for America and the rest of the world, but, it would really stab us in the back just like it did in 2008.

Even though everyone is created equal in today’s society, there are some things that go beyond those parameters and can’t exist.

For example, the idea of welfare and the government just giving money away to the perfectly healthy people who don’t want to work and earn money when there is somebody who can’t work sitting at home struggling to pay for the everyday necessities.

Welfare is the number one problem with the world in which we live in today. We are giving people a free ticket to get paid to do nothing and continue to live the life that they want, and, sometimes, a life that is better than they would have if they were to get a job and provide for themselves.

That’s another problem with welfare; when it’s not your money that you earned through hard work, you aren’t going to be as careful with it as you would be if it was your own money. Saying that, people aren’t using the money to buy the everyday necessities, instead, they are using the money to buy the latest and greatest just like life is a fashion show, which is an annoying itch to somebody who works hard.

Taxes are understandable when it comes to the idea of paying the government, but, not when you know that the money is going to be used for welfare and to pay people who lack motivation. How is it right to make the hard-working middle class people and the upper class people pay for the unmotivated middle classers and the people of the lower class?

It isn’t.

Even though the world is in a drought when it comes to the availability of jobs, the people who live in the world are in a drought when it comes to the efforts to find a job. If someone really wanted to, they could open a website and earn money, even if it is just a few dollars per day.

People don’t want to do that. They would rather sit home and wait for the check to come in the mail.

That’s what is going to ruin America. The United States needs a president who is going to put an end to welfare and make people find a way to earn money for themselves and their families.


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