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Who Should The United States Be Worried About?

Who should the United States be worried about? Even though many people are claiming that America should be pointing guns at Syria, the United States has to prioritize and focus on containing the countries that they can.

As of right now, the ISIS terrorist group is absolutely unstoppable. They know what they are doing and they know how to get away with it. It is like fire, because, the more attention that they get from the United States, the more damage that they do. Saying that, America should be focused on other problems in the country instead of this.

The United States has to realize that there are other countries like North Korea who are taking advantage of them because they are so focused on putting an end to this trail of terror.

Part of the reason why ISIS does what they want is because they continue to brainwash people from all over the world. There has been a theory out there that ISIS is strictly in the middle eastern part of the world, but, there have been multiple incidents that have proven that isn’t true.

They are everywhere.

Because of that, the United States can’t just send a bunch of troops to one area and tell them to defend the country against ISIS. If the United States tried to find them and ended up tracking them down somehow, the government would still have to guess where the other ones were because they could essentially be anywhere.

Instead of continuing to spend money on the search for the solution to the problems that ISIS creates, the United States should be focused on stopping North Korea. America could use North Korea’s stubbornness and isolation to their advantage.

Unlike with ISIS, the United States has a general idea of where the North Koreans are because many of them stay in their country. Saying that, the United States should send troops over there to try to stop North Korea from accomplishing their goal of spreading communism.   

If the United States decides to take this route and tries to stop the North Koreans in their tracks and then finds a way to be partially successful, we may be headed toward a future that is better and safer than ever before.

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  1. Lindsey

    I agree with you Joe, North Korea is a dangerous foe. They also have a nuclear arsenal. Our military should be on high alert at all times, but this administration has depleted our military to pre world war 2 levels. Isis is a force to be to be stopped also. The U.S. Knows where there base of operations is in the Mid East, and they use innocent people as a shield for protection. Their is a way to go in and stop there operation, if they were allowed. They need money to operate and there money is oil. Wipe out there oil fields and that would really slow them down. If you destroy the foundation of a house, it will crumble. Will it stop terrorism, NO, but it sure will slow them down a lot, until we get another administration in place, who has the guts to do something about it, instead of worrying about global warming, which I think is a front for something bigger.

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