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Is The United States Relying on Other Countries Too Much?

The only way that anyone can make America great again is to help us become even more independent and keep America from relying on other countries.

We are trying to take the easy way out and paying an extremely low price for the convenience of having other countries do the hard work for us.

Having people from other countries do the dirty work for us sounds great, but, we are finding out that it might be a problem just waiting to happen. Just recently, China and their economy started to fold.  As a direct result, the economy in the United States is suffering.

How can we avoid this from becoming a huge issue and then assure ourselves that it isn’t going to happen again?

We have to pull our pants up and be grown-ups and decide whether we should continue to be involved with the Chinese market and business world.

Because many people are always looking to save money, several people are concerned that cutting off the relationship with the Chinese manufacturing industry would lead to inflation and a dramatic increase in prices.

It would, but, it would be worth the extra dough.

Even though it would cost more money, the United States would be better off in the long run cutting the cord that connects them to China. They are going to have to do it quick and make sure they make a move before the economy crashes again.

We are going to hit replay of the stock market crash in 2008 if the United States continues to rely on other countries in the business world.

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