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What Donald Trump is Doing To America

Every time that Donald Trump steps up to the podium, American society gets hit with yet another haymaker.  He continuously does the exact opposite of what many American parents teach their children…

And, even better, he does it in the middle of a presidential debate when he knows that everybody is watching him. He’s doing it for attention, the same reason why a little kid throws a temper tantrum.

But… Is his thirst for attention hurting his chances?

I don’t know.

What I do know is that his addiction to the spotlight is definitely hurting the future of the United States.

Even though we all find it extremely entertaining, his shenanigans on the stage are one hundred percent disturbing and really set a horrible example for the younger generations of the United States. When you watch him and hear some of the things that he says, you realize that he really is like a first or second grader.

There are a few specific moments of the debates that just tell the whole story.

Let’s begin by talking about when the camera caught him making various faces similar to the ones that you would make towards your grandchild when you are fooling around as the other candidates were pleading their cases. When a child sees a celebrity doing that on television, their conscious is going to tell them that there’s nothing wrong with doing it.

He put the cherry on top of the ice cream when he mocked Hillary Clinton over a bathroom break. If a kindergartener raised their hand asking to go to the bathroom and then another student shouted out a derogatory remark about it, there would probably be a meeting with everybody’s parents. So, what makes Trump think that it is okay to say in front of America?

Donald Trump’s shenanigans are really hurting his chances of becoming the next president of America.

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