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Will Gun Control Laws Solve Problems in the United States?

Guns and weapons are a lot like medicine and prescription drugs.

The majority of people who have over-the-counter medicine are going to use them properly and won’t even think about abusing them, but, then, you have that small group of people who will do anything to get a hold of them for recreational use.

It’s the same thing when you are talking about guns and many of the other weapons.

Most of the people who have guns with a permanent permit or license are absolutely harmless; it’s the people who steal them and have them illegally who do all of the damage.

With that said, how would the development of gun control laws solve the problems that we are having?

They wouldn’t.

When somebody really wants to do something, they are going to find a way to do it and there isn’t anything or anyone who is going to be able to stop them.

How does anyone think that it is possible to wipe out guns altogether? It is going to be an uphill battle that will probably fall short in the end.

The people who use the guns properly are going to be fierce because they are going to be getting punished for something that they wouldn’t even think about doing.

It is not going to happen immediately. According to Michael Csere of the Connecticut General Assembly, there are multiple states throughout the United States who allow their residents to go over a decade without renewing their gun licenses and some don’t even require a renewal.

As much as the country would try to enforce the law, they wouldn’t be able to because of the amount of people who have guns right now.

Saying that, even if the government made an announcement tomorrow and said that they have made a law that said that Americans can’t have guns, the United States wouldn’t be completely free of guns until 70 or 80 years from now.

If a twenty-one year-old lived in one of the states that don’t require a license renewal and went out and bought a gun the day before the government made a law banning guns, they would be able to keep the gun for the rest of their life.

Banning guns wouldn’t solve any of the problems in the United States. The people who are doing the damage are the ones without the licenses. Besides, even if they made a law that made guns illegal, it would be impossible to enforce it immediately or even within fifty years.

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