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Why Guns Issue Will Never Get Resolved

The current issues and debates surrounding guns are here to stay and really have no solution.

Guns have always been a very controversial topic debate throughout the United States. When it comes to determining what they really want for the country, many people are stuck in the middle and don’t know what they want.

Ask yourself the important question and decide what you really want.

People think that this is a no brainer, but, it is far from that. Like everything else in the world, many people develop an opinion about this without thinking.

Everyone loves having the convenience of the ability to call the police whenever we don’t feel that we are in the safest situation, but, the same people are up in arms over the fact that they always have a weapon with them, which is something that I don’t understand.

Although policemen should be able to carry guns, people have the right to be able to have guns with them. Many people believe that allowing everybody to carry guns would open the door to the possibility of a war zone, but, I believe that it is going to have the opposite effect.

Anybody should be able carry a gun. Even though carrying a weapon is a part of the job of the policemen, you have to remember that they are ordinary people. Saying that, I don’t understand how people can accept that police officers can hurt you whenever they want and there isn’t anything that you can do.

Believe it or not, when it comes to this, the United States has the perfect setup. If we decide to ban guns but continue to allow the law enforcement to carry them, there is going to be a huge uproar.

Gun laws won’t change and the issues will never be resolved because of the fact that people are never going to accept that the police have the right to have guns and they don’t.

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